Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mimpi Tinggi??

Pelik kan tajuk post aku ni? Dlm bi nye Dream High !

Aku minat giler cerita ni.. tiap2 minggu aku terjah youtube nak tengok punya pasal..

Aku nak cerita pasal watak2 dlm cerita ni..

  • Song Sam Dong - dreams to have his own farm since he was a child. But, because of his crush on the female lead (Go Hye Mi), he follows her to the arts high school. Here, he discovers his hidden talent in music and starts his path to becoming a star

  • Go Hye Mi -  a rich and beautiful arts student who dreams of becoming the next Jo Su Mi (a famed female soprano). She is also the love interest of Jin Gook.
  • Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk a problematic child who puts up a wall between himself and the school. However, he gets recruited by the chairman of Girin Arts High School who had noticed his talents in becoming a world star.

  • Yoon Baek Hee - a student that confidently passes the audition for the Girin Arts High School and transforms from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. She will later become the biggest rival of Go Hye Mi.

  • Jason - an aspiring dancer from a foreign country. His superior dance skills allows him to be accepted by the Girin Arts High School. 

  • Kim Pil Sook - who fell in love with Jason. She was a fat girl and on a diet to become pretty. She has greet talent in music

Ni la serba ckit pasal cerita Dream high ! Hope korg enjoy !


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